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Karen Campbell - The 2015 Strategic Innovation Summit

Karen Campbell

Senior Consultant


Dr. Campbell is a senior consultant in the Economics & Country Risk team of IHS. She brings expertise in assessing the economic effects of strategic decisions and economic impact of polices both quantitatively and qualitatively. She specializes in developing frameworks and methods for measuring intangibles such as resilience.This includes defining and measuring the drivers of resiliency for communities, cities and businesses. She has worked on a wide range of projects from analyzing macroeconomic impacts of tax reform proposals, modeling scenarios of terrorist attacks on critical oil ports, assessing interdependencies between major global risks and assessing the impact of transportation infrastructure on the U.S. economy.She is experienced explaining research findings to media and general audiences as well as technical audiences in the policy and academic communities and has testified before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. Prior to joining IHS, Dr. Campbell was a Senior Economist on the World Economic Forum’s Risk Response Network team and a Senior Research Fellow at Wharton’s Risk Management and Decision Process Center.Her experience in private business, policy think tanks and an academic research center allows her to engage with a broad audience and translate economic findings to many different stakeholder audiences. She holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Houghton College, and a Master of Arts and Phd in economics from Temple University where her dissertation work developed a model of entrepreneurial decisions and their impact on a general equilibrium economy.

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