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Raul Katz - 2016 Strategic Innovation Symposium

Raul Katz


Telecom Advisory Services LLC

Raul L. Katz is Director of Business Strategy Research at the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information. He is also President of Telecom Advisory Services, a firm that advises technology clients in the fields of strategy, regulation and business development.  In 2004, Dr. Katz retired as a Lead Partner at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he was a member of the firms Leadership Team and Head of the US and Latin America Telecommunication practices.  During his career, he has worked extensively in the planning and development of high technology businesses, particularly telecommunications. He has also led engagements, advising governments on telecommunications universal service policies, carrier privatization, industry liberalization and national software strategies. In the last four years, Dr. Katz has been focused on analyzing the digital economy and the economic impact of broadband, and the development of national broadband plans in North America, Europe, Latin America and Africa.  Dr. Katz has published five books and over thirty articles. Dr. Katz received his Ph.D. in Management Science and Political Science and an M.S. in Communications Technology and Policy from MIT.  In addition, he holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Paris