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Nancy Gertrudiz - 2016 Strategic Innovation Symposium

Nancy Gertrudiz



Nancy  has  been  working in  the  healthcare  and  ICT  domains  for  the  past  twenty years;  starting  as  a  programmer  and  healthcare  project  leader  in  ICT    companies  developing    electronic    health    records    for   medical    practitioners,  hospital  and laboratory  information  systems.  She  has  managed  complex telemedicine  and e-health initiatives  as  part  of  national  projects,  coordinating  activities  for  different stages  with different  areas  inside  the  governmental  body,  industry  and  academy. She helped establish the first Health and telemedicine office in Mexico Ministry of  Health  as  a follow-up  to  th e  National  Telemedicine Strategy  and  coordinated academic  efforts  with  National  Institutes of  Health,  Telemedicine  Development Center  for  Asia  and  National  Research  and  Education  Networks in  Latin  region and  Mexico. She  is  currently  working to  implement  a  social  patient  lab  at  the National  Polytechnic  Institute  Medical  school as  a  platform to  encourage  and  to engage   students,   teachers,   physicians,   engineers,   researchers,   patients   and individuals to  develop  and  promote  sustainable  solutions in  healthcare  domain and healthcareinformaticsresearch.