2016 Strategic Innovation Symposium (IE)
The Intelligent Enterprise
September 27-28, 2016

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Engaging and leveraging the tremendous advances that IoT brings to enterprise solutions can be challenging.

The Strategic Innovation Summit and Symposia series was convened to enable multi-disciplinary discussions of senior leaders on relevant topics of t

About the Summit

The convergence of megatrends including the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, and cloud computing have led to a new operational paradigm known as the Intelligent Enterprise. As physical assets are given a digital voice, the Intelligent Enterprise allows businesses to run operations more efficiently and make better decisions with improved real-time visibility. Achieving greater enterprise asset intelligence offers businesses a sense of what is happening in their operations, provides them with a way to quickly analyze the information and gives them a platform to act on it to reach higher levels of growth, productivity, and service.

In order to further examine the Intelligent Enterprise, the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH), with support from Zebra Technologies, is convening the 2016 Strategic Innovation Symposium: The Intelligent Enterprise. At the Symposium, we will define what an Intelligent Enterprise is and explore best practice and opportunities for organizations of varying sizes and industries. We will take a deep dive into topics concerning infrastructure, management, IoT technologies, and enterprise asset intelligence. We will focus our learning, sharing and discussions around key questions, including:

  • What are the key aspects and best practices of an Intelligent Enterprise?
  • What resources are needed to seed and foster innovation in Intelligent Enterprise?
  • What factors impact the readiness of businesses to transform their organizations?
  • How can businesses leverage existing tech investments at the edge of their enterprise in converting the physical to digital?
  • What successes, key learnings, and challenges do businesses face in this space and how do they overcome them?
  • How can organizations become more intelligent regardless of their level of investment to date? And what can organizations do now to be future-ready?
  • What is the explicit value of becoming a more intelligent enterprise in terms of productivity and service?

Key learnings from the Symposium will be gathered into a Findings Report that will evaluate key questions raised during the proceedings and feature relevant insights and case studies. Participants will receive priority access to insights and content.