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The Innovators Forum (TIF) is a virtual and real collaboration of senior executives from the public and private sectors to discuss emerging ideas and challenges in innovation and entrepreneurship. Founded by Dr. David S Ricketts, Innovation Fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH), the Forum seeks to gather leading thinkers and through curated accelerators and summits, helping leaders accelerate their innovation strategy and programs in their companies and cities.

Harvard TECH is a hub for students, faculty, alumni, and government and industry leaders to learn together, collaborate, and innovate. The Forum accelerates these efforts by connecting leaders across sectors and developing cutting-edge thought leadership on innovation and organizational transformation.


Executive Director, TIF, and Innovation Fellow, TECH

Dr. David S. Ricketts is an Innovation Fellow for the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and has held appointments at Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, MIT and North Carolina State University. For the past decade, Dr. Ricketts has helped shape the Innovation in Science and Technology courses in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, in addition to his research on innovation and technology. In 2015, he started the Strategic Innovation Accelerator and Summit series to engage industry, non-profit, government, and other sectors regarding the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in business growth and their impact on society. He teaches and speaks regularly on innovation and business strategy. Dr. Ricketts’ focus is on the role of the individual innovator, and he works with senior leaders to develop new innovators and systemic innovation in their companies.
In addition to Dr. Ricketts’ innovation research, he is an award-winning scientist and engineer whose innovations have been featured by Popular Science, Smithsonian, NBC News, CBS News, Fox News, ESPN, and many other science news outlets. He is the recipient of the National Science Foundation CAREER Award and the U.S. Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) Young Investigator Award. His work has appeared twice in Nature, and he has numerous IEEE publications, including a feature article in the Proceedings of the IEEE.
Dr. Ricketts facilitating from an Accelerator Event