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Jamie Cudden - 2016 Innovation Summit: Smart Cities Europe

Jamie Cudden

Program Manager and Policy Advisor

Smart City and Dublin City Council

Jamie leads the development and implementation of Dublin City Council’s Smart City strategy. He works alongside the Chief Executive to ensure that the council takes advantage of the opportunity of technology innovation to drive better quality services and address priority city challenges in areas such as mobility/transport, environment and energy efficiency. He manages key relationships across industry, academia and government to promote and build out smart city solutions and demonstrators. He is currently advising on the rollout of a ‘Smart Dublin’ city region collaboration model www.smartdublin.ieHe was seconded to the Dublin Chamber of Commerce for 18 months in 2013-2014 to support the management and delivery of an initiative called 'Activating Dublin' where business, the city and central government are working together to create a better Dublin.As Research Manager for Dublin City Council from 2006 - 13 he was responsible for delivering an international benchmarking programme to drive Dublin’s competitive performance as well as building out strategic business alliances to support this objective. He understands global trends that are influencing future city development and has partnered with many international organisations and cities to develop research and evidence that helps city leaders better understand Dublin's performance.