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Mikael Edelstam - 2016 Innovation Summit: Smart Cities Europe

Mikael Edelstam


CleanTech Scandinavia

Mikael Edelstam is co-founder and chairman of Cleantech Scandinavia. He has worked with sustainable city development as well as cleantech innovation and export since the late 80’s.He was key person for the conception of Hammarby Waterfront in Stockholm, Sweden’s largest sustainable building project, as well as head of environmental planning for the second largest sustainable building project in Sweden, the Western harbour in Malmö.Since 2011 he is piloting work on smart sustainable cities in Skåne’s new international innovation strategy, including building international partnerships for the work, and being part of the steering committees for the Innovation platforms for smart sustainable cities in City of Lund and City of Malmö.He is also working as expert on the Action cluster on Business models, financing and procurement, within the European Innovative Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities.